Sunday, October 28, 2007

What's so funny?

My 4-year old likes to come in our room at night (well, after we've gone to sleep) and crash on her little couch in there. I typically don't know she's in there until she starts talking or giggling in her sleep. Now, I don't sleep so great anymore, so I'm not so thrilled when yet something else wakes me up. However, it's so funny when she starts giggling in her sleep. I'd love to know what she's dreaming about.

Well, she apparently was very active tonight. Her first dream was about Rachel. She even started spelling Rachel! What you don't know, is that she loves, LOVES, to watch cooking shows. My hubby got her hooked. I guess he gave up on me. Somebody will eventually cook for him. Yea, my daughter's dreamin' about Rachel Ray. Hilarious.

The one that really cracked me up though, and I've been up since, was after she sneezed. She sneezed and then said, "Have a nice day!" At least in her sleep she's so polite. It gives me hope that she's picking up something we're trying to teach. Now, if she'll just do that when she's awake!


Question #2:

What's the funniest thing your child has done in his/her sleep?


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Trying to figure this one out

Since "everyone" else seems to be jumping on the bandwagon, I figured, "Hey, why not?" This will be ironic in a minute when I share my question. However, I truly want to find out how other moms deal with certain situations along the way. So, while from time to time I'd like to share my latest children's antics (for the record books when they start dating and I need leverage), I'd also like to hear some sound (LOL) advice! If you have one, I'd love a reference to scripture as I'm TRYING to train up some children in the way he/she should go. Sooooo...

Question #1

Your school-aged child begins bad-mouthing a former friend, referencing what "everybody else says." They go on how no one likes this child. It's actually quite heart-breaking to listen to since they are obviously referring to someone else's baby, right? How do you go about teaching your child not to exile former friends simply because what others think?